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Tom Grey - Liberty Dad

You are spinning nice in defense of Nagin.
10 RTA buses actually in use, out of how many hundreds?

Yes, I fuly agree it's not nothing. It's prolly 2%, maybe 4% of what would have been easily availble had Nagin been issuing orders to use all available busses.

Of course, his failue in communications, and not having any backup, makes it tough to order or coordinate anything.

And the Dem Governor's failure to give authority to the Feds, while trying to push responsibility onto the Rep Bush's administration, is hypocritical.

Perhaps, if you really want to be honest, we should start with ALWAYS identifying every politician involved with an R or a D, since pretending it doesn't matter is either silly or dishonest.

The Dem supported attack-dog anti-Bush media coverage is certainly because he's a Rep.

I don't know about the R/D of the Invisible LA State Commander, but I'd be interested. (see

I'm glad Brown was half booted, and left -- because he was bad on TV. I think the FEMA response was prolly pretty good in the 72-96 hours expected.

Will Dem supporters be able to criticize the failures of the Dem politicians? I doubt it.


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