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Oh please. Dean said that we can't win this war, and therefore we should pull out and not make the same mistake as we did in Vietnam: staying in too long and getting our troops killed.

That is the full context of what he is saying. Nice try to spin it though. Dean was just finally being candid about what he and other Democrats have felt all along - that this is an unwinnable war just like Vietnam.

Llama School

But he said that we can't win the war in a discussion about getting the Iraqis to do "a better job of defending themselves and taking a greater role". He then mentioned that we stayed too long supporting a weak S. Vietnam and we risk making the same mistake now.

It's possible to interpret this in a different way way, as Dean isn't clear as to the context for "we" in his statement. For instance, another way this could be interpreted is that "we" is America under the current leadership. This is consistent with previous comments in the interview, referring to our current strategy as a "failed strategy".

But it's not evident that Dean is saying that the war in unwinnable.

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